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About Me

I'm Katie Fahad, MBA and I'm the founder of Apex Healthcare Consulting, LLC. I started off my career in the medical world in 2012 as a Medical Assistant and Pre-Med student but eventually became more interested in the business side of medicine.

In my transition from clinical to administrative, I began as an Administrative Assistant at an Urgent Care, moved onto becoming an Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Medicine at Albany Medical College, and eventually became a Practice Manager, overseeing 5 medicine specialties.

It was then that I developed my love for working with Physicians, especially fellows and new grads. I eventually moved on to become a Director of Health Center Operations at a Federally Qualified Health Center in rural Arizona, giving me a much different view of how medicine can be in this country and a broader view of the types of jobs that are available for providers.

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Professional Qualifications

Beyond my professional qualifications, and in addition to my Bachelors degree in Biology and my Masters in Business Administration, a large majority of my loved ones are Physicians and other healthcare providers.

I have grown very familiar with what the job search for providers entails, especially for new grads, and all that should be considered but is rarely taught. It is my goal to fill the gap in what is currently taught to healthcare providers as they search for their ideal job, and what needs to be in their wealth of knowledge in order to obtain it.

I believe that my experience and perspective from the administrative side of medicine will benefit my clients by providing insight on common trends seen with new grads and new hires that lead to burnout, quick turnover, job dissatisfaction and low morale.